Happy Wheels Unblocked Game Play Online

Happy Wheels is an extremely popular unblocked game that comprises of a lot of humor and excitement. The aim of happy wheels is very simple. All you have to do is just try and get to the end of the level in one piece. And the best part of this game is you will have options to try out different forms of communication starting from a wheelchair to a Segway.


You can easily get the Happy Wheels game from the official website and it will also offer you the demo version so that you can check the game out before making the downloading. Well, one piece of warning that we would like to give you is, the game is not for the faint-hearted. We don’t intend to scare you, but this game comprises of a lot of blood filled actions, which can be uncomfortable for a few people.

Happy Wheels Game levels

Now, coming to the different levels of the game, this one comprises of completing every level without falling foul for any obstacles or threats. But chances are there that your player might end up in a violent death. There will be levels like Sledge, Joyride, Lawnmower Frenzy and Rope Soccer that will make you enter into a world of imagination of other players which might seem to be a bit dark for few people, but it is just for fun.

Game Controls

The control keys are the four arrow keys, shift, space, ctrl, and also the letter Z. Since there are so many control keys, it might seem to be a bit difficult for you in the first few tries, because so many buttons simultaneously is a bit tough. But once you get the hang of it, we bet you won’t face any issues in controlling your character.

Game Characters

The first character of this game is an old man that rides a wheelchair, the second one is a businessman riding a car, third character is a simple person riding a bicycle and finally, the last one is a big woman who rides a scooter for the disabled. These characters are just complementary to the different levels as you trek through the roads.

The gameplay

The primary goal of this game is to go as much as possible in a particular level without completely injuring your character. And the most exciting part is if your character gets injured even to the smallest, it will completely fail the mission.

If you want to weave through the steeper paths, you have to press spacebar and then try to reach it again. Now, here comes the interesting path, if you go through the steeper paths, as long as you have the main torso of the character, you can continue to move on even if the hands and feet have fallen off.

Happy Wheels is a very challenging and addicting game. You might find failure after multiple attempts and this just makes the game much more interesting and really addictive. For completing the missions, you need to have patience and timing.