Best Unblocked Addicting Games For Children

Unblocked Games are a great way of passing your leisure time with fun. While some of us might consider games as the sheer waste of time, but undoubtedly, it is one of the best ways where a child can learn about hand-eye co-ordination and also playing computer games for a certain period of time shall help in the enhancement of concentration.

Now, in the present era, almost every school has computer labs and wants their students to learn the computer. But the primary reasons why schools block games from their server is, one, they want the students to utilize lab timings in a much more effective way and the second is preventing the entrance of unwanted Trojans.

Some of the games might contain harmful Trojans, but the majority of games do not have such threats. In this article, we are going to offer you top unblocked that are complexly safe and tested.

1. Flappy Bird


This is one of the very popular arcade games and it is also played by a huge number of Smartphone and iOS users. The gameplay is really simple, but it’s exciting. You have to fly the bird over the tunnels but you cannot touch them. And every time you click the bird flies up, but you cannot make the bird fly too high. This is a game to try out.

2. Dark Cut 3

Though none of us would like to undergo any surgery, but we cannot remove our curiosity about surgery and use of medicinal equipment. And if you are interested in the medical profession, this is going to offer you a great opportunity, since this game assigns you with the responsibility of healing your patients with the surgical tools in medieval ages.

3. King of Fighters 2

Fan of action games? This is just perfect for you. In this game, you have the chance of fulfilling your every action dream and make your character complete with different sets of action skills. This game has most skillful fighters of the world and if you can plan the attacks right way, you will have easy wins. This can be played as a single player or two player game.

4. Goalkeeper Premier


For the soccer lovers, this is a kind of treat and it is created by flash footy. From the name of the game, you have already understood what your objective is. You have to stop the players from taking shots and every time you save a player from scoring, you get a glove. If you catch the ball, you will have two gloves.

5. Supercar road trip

This is a 3D racing game and this has been a huge hit among the teenagers and kids. You can perform crazy stunts, beat other racers and earn good amount of money (not real of course!) which will help you to unlock new gadgets and buy new cars. So what are you waiting for?

6. Sniper team 2

This is a great shooting game and we know how difficult it can become for one man to stand up against a bunch of gunmen. But you don’t need to worry; you have your team of elite snipers. So all you have to do is lead your team and save your base

7. Electric man 2

Well, this game is not as simple as it might sound. This is a full action packed game where you have to train your electric man first before you fight your enemies. The action sequences include bullet time special moves, martial arts, slow motion and street fights. You have to train your electric man and you can make him win the title of “Stickman fighting champion”.

8. Storm fall: Age of War

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a king or an emperor? Then this is the right place to fulfill your dreams. You can start by building your castle, arm yourself for claiming the throne and master yourself with the skill of intrigue, deal with the siege craft, mythical beasts, and the arcane magic.

9. Air Gunner

If you have a great hand-eye coordination, then you should not miss this game. This one is really popular among kids and teenagers. As the airborne support, you have to shoot enemy planes in mid air and you will have weapons like machine gun, submachine guns and cannons.

10. IQ Ball

Another strategy game where you have to help the little purple colored creature to reach the target. Your only usable object is the grabber to latch out the things which are hung in the way of target. And this is going to help the creature to move forward. You will get a limited number of moves for reaching the target so you need to get him into the target in as few moves as possible.